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This is a request for verification for a NFT to get permission to be used as collateral in ELYFI. The NFT presented in this proposal is tokenized a loan bond formed on the basis of a commercial mortgage loan.

About the author

  • Website:
  • Business License Number: 110-88-01240
  • Wallet Address: 0x9FCdc09bF1e0f933e529325Ac9D24f56034d8eD7
  • Introduction in brief: We are Elyloan Corp, a lending company. We are in the LendingCompany group in this forum that has been authorized to submit proposals in the NAP category and also put on agendas on the ELYFI voting portal.

Proposal Details

NFT Type

  • ABToken

NFT Details

Token Info

  • Token ID: 115792089237316195422007842550160057480242544124026915590235438085798243682305

Lender Info

  • Business License Number: 220111-0189192

Loan or Investment Info

  • 대출상품: Commercial Real Estate Loan
  • Principal: $262,927
  • 연수익률: 10%
  • 연체가산이자율: 3%
  • 대출실행일: 2021.7.22
  • Maturity Date: 2021.10.16
  • Maximum Pledge Amount: $338,556

Collateral Info

  • Collateral Type: commercial real estate
  • Collateral Address
    • Country code: 82
    • Collateral Address 1: < Collateral Address in the contract >
    • Collateral Address 2: < The detail of the address >
    • Latitude and Longitude: 37.50088, 127.04064


  • ipfsHash: bafkreib6ir5sulpepbxw3kzcxv3z3dk5eeuguumpalw2lbpv2cslujzs44


문서 이미지

  • 계약서: Here is a copy of the contract corresponding to this loan.
  • 부동산등기 정보: Here is a copy of the 주요등기사항요약 또는 부동산등기부등본 corresponding to this loan.
  • 법인등기부등본: Here is a copy of the Certified corporate registration of the lender.

NFT 정보가 있는 링크

< The website of the NFT relevant to this proposal >

Image of collateral

  • Here is a image of the collateral corresponding to this loan.