Template of NAP

(updated: September 25, 2021)

Here is a template of the NAP. When you request for verification, you must write the proposals according to the template.


NAP#: < number to be assigned by Helper. At the RFV stage, it will be represented as ‘#’. >
Title: < Title of the proposal >
Author: < Athors’ name >
Helper: < the list of names of the ones who helped the author in the Helper group >
Status: < Status of the proposals >
Date Created: <The date when this proposal is posted by the author. {yyyy-mm-dd}>
Date Updated: <The date when this proposal is updated. {yyyy-mm-dd} >


< Please summarize about this proposals less than 100 characters >

The author’s Info

Name: < The name of the company >
Business License Number: < Business License Number >
Wallet Address: < Wallet Address used in ELYFI >
Website: < The web address of the author, a lending company >
Introduction in brief: < Introduction in brief >

Proposal Details

NFT Type

  • < The type of the NFT in this proposal out of the types ELYFI governance recognized. See the list of the type in the thread. >

NFT Owner

  • < The wallet address of the owner of the NFT >

NFT Details

Token Info

  • Token ID: < ID of the NFT >

Lender Info

  • Business License Number: < Business License Number of the lender >

Loan Info

  • Loan Product: < The type of the loan product. See the list of the type in the thread for details. >
  • Borrowed: < Amount of loan in dollars. Exactly this amount can be borrowed from ELYFI. >
  • Loan Interest Rate: < Loan Interest Rate >
  • Overdue Interest Rate: < Overdue Interest Rate >
  • Loan execution Date: < Date to get a loan from ELYFI >
  • Maturity Date: < The end date of the ownership of this asset >
  • Maximum Pledge Amount: < Maximum Pledge Amount >

Collateral Info

  • Collateral Type: < Collateral Type. See the list of the type in the thread for details.>
  • Country code: < The code number of country where the collateral is located >
  • Collateral Address 1: < Address of the collateral in the contract >
  • Collateral Address 2: < The detail of the address >
  • Latitude and Longitude: < This is represented with the latitude and longitude of Collateral Address 1 and it is displayed to 5 decimal places. >


  • ipfsHash: < IpfsHash which contract and collateral data stored >



  • Contract image: < URL of the image >
  • Real estate registration information(부동산 등기 정보): < URL of the image >
  • A copy of the Certified corporate registration: < URL of the image >

Where to find NFT information

  • < URL of the NFT Information check website >

Image of the collateral

  • Here is a image of the collateral corresponding to this loan.


(updated: August 23, 2021)

NFT Type list

  • ABToken

Loan Product list

  • Mortgage Loans
  • Auction Balance Loans
  • Short-term loans with charter returns
  • Commercial Real Estate Loan

Collateral Type List

  • Commercial Real Estate(Commercial Property)
  • Apartement
  • Studio